Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is the martial art based on using leverage and technique to beat a bigger, stronger opponent.  The focus is on grappling and ground fighting to gain a dominant position.  Excellent for self defence and discipline at any level, the system was developed by the Gracie family and is practiced by the majority of professional MMA fighters, and is also popular with law enforcement and military groups.

Classes are run at the Mill Gym facility by The Arena MMA (Fremantle) Trainers whose BJJ lineage includes Robert Drysdale, Xander Ribeiro, Royler and Royce Gracie.

Adult BJJ Classes

Class Times:
Monday 1700
Thursday 1800
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 1200 Open Mat

Cost: $120 per month
Casual class: $20 per class
(Annual Registration Fee payable: $120)

Gear required: Gi (can be purchased at our facility)

All skill levels welcome

All The Arena MMA (Fremantle) members have unlimited access to The Arena MMA (Rockingham) Open Mat sessions and $15 classes. Reciprocal arrangement also applies for  The Arena MMA (Rockingham) members with access to The Arena MMA (Fremantle).

Kids BJJ Classes

The Arena MMA (Fremantle) offers a rewarding BJJ program for Kids. The students develop Jiu-Jitsu concepts, positioning and control as well as practical applications. It establishes a level of personal fitness whilst also developing gross motor skills and proprioception. Whilst our main focus is on developing self discipline and having fun, the opportunity still exists for competition, if the child and parent wish. BJJ for kids develops self-confidence, self-esteem, builds a sense of respect for others and encourages conflict resolutions. The children will improve their physical fitness and learn life skills that cultivate personal growth.

Class Times:
Monday 1600 – 1700
Thursday 1600 – 1700

$160 per term (1 x class per week)
$290 per term ( 2 x classes per week)

Age range: 5 years – 14 years

Gear required: Gi (can be purchased at our facility)

(Annual Registration Fee payable: $120 per family)

All skill levels welcome

For any further information or bookings please email