Cadre Camp 2015

At theMill we have just completed the 2015 Cadre Camp. Whilst we do change the Camp programme every year we still aim for the same outcomes and benefits for you.

The programme itself is designed to give you an insight into selection processes and the mindset and motivation required to qualify as a Special Forces soldier. We are fortunate enough to have instructors who are former or current members of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment, 1st and 2nd Commando Regiment and the Navy Clearance Diver Teams. In the past 15 years Australia has experienced the most intense period of conflict since WWII. All of our instructors have served during this period and have unique operational experience. These instructors are present at every camp. It is because of this broad range of experience that we are able to provide our clients with a unique programme. By drawing on these experienced operators we are able to provide you with a broad mix of selection course activities and methods designed to provide you with an experience as close as possible to the real thing.

Nowhere else can you gain such an insight into a broad range of Special Forces selection processes and be trained by experienced veterans who have undergone these processes first hand. You will experience the hardships faced by selection candidates striving to qualify for Special Forces. We will give you insight into their unquestionable desire to prove themselves as worthy to serve as elite operators. You will see why mate-ship, professionalism, trainability, hard-work, love for the job and commitment are valuable traits and why they are so sought after in Special Forces teams.

For you it is a unique learning experience. At the completion of this Camp you will have been tested to your limits. You will understand that if you can revel in the chaos, hardship and pain that we impose on you then you will know that you really have the fortitude to take on anything that life throws at you.