Power Endurance

Warm up:
400m run with burst of speed
2 x 5 tuck jump
40m high heel running
40m straight leg march
40m cariocas

Death by ten metres
Set a ten metre distance, conduct like a shuttle run –
On the first minute run 10m
On the second minute run 20m
On the third minute run 30m, etc
Record what minute failure occurred on and how far you ran (e.g. 12th minute failure, 110m ran)
This test will be repeated at the end of the month.

Repeat test twice, then:
6 rounds
6 x TGU (light)
1 min FLR
1 min rest

10 minutes continuous easy movement
Triggerpoint calves
Quad roller
Adductor roller

30–60 min run/ride/row/swim @ slow pace
(should be able to maintain a conversation / ~65% max heart rate), focus on technique
Triggerpoint through the whole body from the feet up (focus mainly on problem areas).