Training at theMill is geared towards exceeding perceived physical and mental limitations. To achieve this we use proven training principles backed by experience and robust evidence. Our programming is quantifiable, structured and cyclical. This approach abides with the principles of progressive overload embodied by our core training program – the General Athletic Conditioning (GAC) sessions.

theMill GAC diagram

The GAC sessions are designed to develop team-work, mental discipline and personal and physical development. Participants train together but are individually accountable for quality of technique, efficiency of movement, sense of urgency and safe conduct of each activity. This enables the trainers to utilise physical training as a medium to challenge the body and develop mental conditioning and preparedness for the rigours of any chosen discipline. Every participant must earn their place in the GAC session and work hard to maintain it. GAC programs, information and photos from each session are posted on the e-Members website.

GAC sessions are conducted for members only on Monday to Saturday, morning and evening. GAC sessions are posted on the whiteboard for members to complete if they elect to train outside of GAC hours. However, optimal results are achieved if all members regularly attend the GAC sessions.


The Development Program is a stepping stone to the GAC sessions specifically for individuals who, whilst demonstrating the necessary traits, do not yet possess the level of fitness to train in the normal GAC classes. The Development Program is a structured program which is scaled to enhance work-capacity, strength and technique in preparing and improving to the level of the normal GAC sessions.