An email briefly explaining who you are, your background and why you want to train with us will be considered for entry and replied to. Please you the Contact Form.


All new applicants must undergo 6 Initiation training sessions. These sessions will give you an introduction to our training philosophy, teach correct lifting and training techniques, assess where your current fitness levels are, both physically and mentally, and cover all the basic training skills required to join the GAC sessions and gain membership.

This training allows you a glimpse into the type of environment that makes up theMill, enables you to gain an understanding of the commitment we require from our clients, and allows us to assess your fitness and attitude towards our training. All applicants participate in these sessions with the understanding that, on completion direct entry in to theMill’s core sessions, the GAC, is not guaranteed straight away. Other options are available to progress to the GAC, or continue further training.


Members are monitored and tested regularly and results recorded in order to ensure our facility never becomes stale or mediocre. When you show up be prepared to work, if you don’t, expect to be asked to leave. Membership numbers are limited to ensure an optimal trainer to client ratio. Members are entitled to train at anytime within theMill trading hours.


theMill offers a number of training options for clients, members and visitors. We also cater for FIFO workers. These options are outlined on the TRAINING pages.