The information on this website is designed to help you decide on whether or not you should contact us and whether or not you can expect a reply.


theMill is a state-of-mind where the emphasis is ‘to get the job done’. If you do not possess the tools for this you are better off training somewhere else.

The mind is the most powerful source of strength. Your psyche and performance potential is intrinsically reliant on your mental conditioning. To train the mind is to train the body. Fortitude and an indomitable spirit are paramount for success. Unfortunately, the rewards of attaining this type of state are only truly tangible upon acquisition. The proof is in improved performance in your given profession or pursuit and your ability to deal with the worst that is thrown at you.

We don’t profess to know everything. We train, we learn and we strive to improve. We’ve committed ourselves to gaining knowledge, attaining qualifications and practicing what we preach. We don’t open our doors to anyone just to make up numbers. We don’t sell our product just to advertise our brand. Word of mouth is how we do it. Which means we must perform as well as you.

At the end of the day, the unique knowledge we’ve gained from years of committed training and exposure to some of the harshest conditions and situations is irreplaceable and difficult to duplicate intelligently. Our exposure to extreme situations and conditions has taught us about mental conditioning and how to compliment this with true functional fitness. Development of the mental tools required to deal with such hardship denotes the difference between those who only hypothesise and those who have experienced it. Some of those who train with us still face these situations regularly at the highest level and so choose to train in the environment we’ve created.


What is undertaken at the Mill is not new. What we call functional fitness and the methods to attain this have been a part of our philosophy for years. However, theMill concept was inspired by ‘one’ in particular – Mark Twight, and his vision and creation of Gym Jones.

WHY ‘theMill’?

The Mill is a term used to represent a place where basic raw materials are transformed under extreme pressure (both mental and physical) to produce a worthwhile result. This result can only be achieved through the process of hard and arduous work. Therefore theMill is synonymous with the tasks undertaken by those who train here.

The graphic of theMill stone was chosen because it is a simple and durable symbol of the shaping and grinding process required to achieve set goals.


theMill is a basic facility with all the tools we need. It is purposely designed this way for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is to sort out the pretenders from the realists. There is no time to look at yourself in the mirror, because we have no mirrors. There is no time to stop and watch TV, because we have no TVs. Nor will you find any other distractions here.


Any person seen wearing an item bearing our name has attained that item through their actions and conduct. They have been given that item because we are proud to be associated with such an individual or group. Items bearing our name are not and cannot be purchased with money.


Everybody has one, including us – however having the right attitude is more important to us than anything you can do physically. Your dollars are not our biggest concern, your training hard is. Being the strongest or fittest or a world class athlete is irrelevant – if your attitude is poor, we will gladly reject you. The flip side is also true – if you’re a non-athlete or not as strong or fit as another, but you are prepared to suffer what it takes to achieve your goals, we will gladly accept you.


Training at the Mill is always conducted under the direction of a trainer, it’s part of the package.


At the Mill we recognise that whilst we are expected to train hard, we are also expected to rest ‘hard’. Rest and recovery is 50% of the training. Unfortunately, while many have the ‘know-how’ on hard work, there is very little skill in recovery. This is why we run our GAC sessions every second day. Commonly used one-liners like “rest is rust” have no relevance here. You build your training experience and knowledge of your body by being attentive to your execution of a well planned program. Experience will tell you if you are being lazy or if you are truly too tired to train. If our members are injured or ill we offer highly qualified services, referrals and information to facilitate the recovery process. These include injury rehabilitation and remedial training, massage and trigger-point therapy, dietary advice and physiotherapy.


We do not train body-builders. Just looking fit and supposedly healthy and actually being fit and healthy are two different things.


We do not train those who solely seek weight loss. We are not a weight loss facility. Your physical appearance will be determined by your actions, attitude, discipline and commitment towards your life and attaining genuine fitness.


Over thousands of years humans have adapted to live and eat in a certain way. The past century has seen changes in societies and lifestyles which have occurred so fast that human evolution is not keeping pace. Our inability to properly digest highly-processed foods has adverse effects on our health. The healthiest way to eat is to simply return to the basics. Throughout the day regularly consume balanced portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, nuts, berries and plenty of clean water.


In acknowledgment of the efforts of those who support our servicemen, theMill donates a percentage of profits to the charities that we support.

These include: