I figured that since I have been training at theMill for a year now, it was time to step back and see what I have accomplished. The thing that originally drew me the theMill was the concept, attitude and commitment that the trainers brought to each and every session. It is quite amazing that I have the privilege of training under the instruction of great leaders. It is difficult to express and sometimes I am consumed by the crap floating around in my head that I fail to really and truly appreciate the opportunity provided to me by ALL involved with theMill.

I am not attempting to kiss-ass, as that gets you nowhere. And I know that you know you are good at what you do. Instead I wanted to let you know your willingness to teach others and your advice reflects life/sport and is just as useful to an athlete attempting SAS selection to another attempting to win a State or National medal. It has given me a completely different outlook to the way I approach my training and diet and the results speak volumes.

Thank you for using your talents to build this establishment and offer your experience and knowledge to those of us who otherwise would continue to live under the delusion that there is no hope of being something better. — AM

I have been training at theMill for just over a year Initially I came to theMill because I was in need of a new challenge and wanting to improve my strength and endurance. What I found though theMill’s high intensity training, is a controlled education of disciplined fitness, which in turn has filtered through to my professional life. Through theMill’s strictness and preparation, the trainers have allowed me to achieve my goals and understand the science behind the movements and work outs.

theMill is a gym where you are not just another number, but someone who has earnt the right to train with a group of professionals who uniformly train to the standards set out by the instructors. This has helped me develop a motivation to continue to strive towards constant improvement with my fitness and personal lifestyle. — FR

Just wanted to say a quick thank-you to you all. I’m loving training and don’t know what you boys have done to me…..I’ve only been training with you since before Christmas, but I rocked up to the Karri Cup Mountain Bike race this weekend, and came second in the Open Category!! – Not bad for a guy who has only ever ridden a mountain bike once before!! I felt so good – like I had so much power – and caned past people on the hills!

I don’t know if its the extra power you’ve put into me in a few weeks, my new positive, ‘can do’, ‘never give up’ attitude or all the punishments, but i was loving it!

Thanks again and see you at training soon! — AS

I have been training at the mill since late 2009. I was immediately impressed with the facilities and staff and if I am honest, probably a bit overwhelmed at first by the types of training, having done almost no olympic lifting (amongst other things). However, after meeting all the trainers, the other members and doing a few GAC’s, I was soon put at ease. The GAC sessions are challenging but I was given advice and tips on my technique, how to improve things and I soon gained more and more confidence.

I enjoy the specific programming, with different phases each month. It gives a sense of purpose and schedule to my training, which I never had before. I have definitely improved my fitness levels and overall athletic ability since starting training at the mill. I play soccer and got selected to represent WA in an end of season tour to Malaysia. I put a lot of this down to the strength and fitness gains I made in 2010 whilst training there.

Overall, I am glad to be training at a first class facility and am looking forward to training there for a long time. — SC

I just wanted to say thanks to all the boys for helping me in my success in achieving my personal goals and raising them to the next level. Even after 15 years in rowing Surf Boats, I’m still looking for ways to improve myself physically and mentally, and figured it couldn’t hurt to give a whole new look to the way I trained and the way I approached it.

Over the past 6 months I have achieved PR’s in all of my lifting disciplines, bettered my previous 2k (by 6 seconds), 1k and 500 metre rowing ergo times. I have also made the state team for Surf Life Saving – Surf Boats, only my second time in 15 years of competing to which I put down to training at theMill.

The knowledge and the experience I have gained speaks volumes, not only in the physical elements but diet , nutrition and recovery etc . The intensity of workouts, the incredible variety of workouts that keep my muscles guessing and sore – hence strengthening and building endurance, and the camaraderie that is developed within the group is perfect for maintaining the level of strength and fitness that is needed for me to be successful.

Thanks for the great establishment you lads have created, you have done a awesome job. — AD