theMill: 12 HOUR HAVOC.
12 HOUR HAVOC is a day of physical challenge, mental conditioning, testing limitations and building confidence. It will give you a glimpse into the Australian Special Forces Selection processes. It will test you physically and mentally, both individually and within a team. Are you ready to be challenged? How will you stack up? What will you do to get through? Where are your actual limits?
What will you get out of it?
Step out of your comfort zone and test your limitations.
Manage physical and mental stress through mindset and mental strength techniques.
Improve your ability as a team member.
Understand how to develop team cohesion.
Understand high performance teams.
Test your leadership skills.
Self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.
Increase your confidence.
Improve your situational awareness.
Improve decision making under duress.
Learn thought priority techniques.
Who will your Trainers be?
theMill Trainers have over 50 years cumulative experience in Australian Special Forces SAS, Australian Commandos, TAG as well as Navy Clearance Divers and IRR serving in military operations worldwide. Learn from the best. Build the best version of you from those with the experience and knowledge to get you there.
theMill: 12 HOUR HAVOC can be a stand alone experience, or a stepping stone to theMill Cadre Camp, a 3-day Special Forces Selection inspired training camp.
Price: $250 per person. Group discounts apply for group bookings of 3 or more.
Email to secure your spot.