Why are we different?

  • Our program is structured (we do not believe in random)
  • Intelligent training is defined by quality not quantity
  • Rest is as important as work
  • The mental aspects of training are as important as the physical
  • Functional capability has primacy
  • Performance is priority
  • You cannot buy entry – it is always earned

We measure and quantify the performance of our members. This service applies to ALL our members and trainers. This takes knowledge, diligence, effort and a lot of time. It also determines two things: how many members we can take on; and how attentive we are to improving our members’ performance. It is a service that enables us to refine our processes and set high, yet attainable standards. In tandem with this, our standards are derived from our military experiences, research, predetermined performance benchmarks and the mean performance indicators determined by our members. These standards are matched with our guiding principles (outlined in our Code of Conduct) and apply from the outset for all candidates who enter the gym. Both trainers and members must adhere to these standards at all times.

Whilst we set these standards, we do not expect all new members to automatically qualify. For those who don’t, we have a number of measures in place to assess the level of preparedness, quantify it, then design a process to attain the required standards within a reasonable time frame. These measures include Initiation, Personal Training, Assessment, 1RM testing, 3RM testing and Quarterly Testing. New candidates who undertake this process are expected to abide by rules which are consistent with disciplined behaviour, respect and dedication to the task. For them there are no free rides. We owe it to our established members to maintain these standards. Especially when it comes to gaining membership or being included in the GAC sessions.

Through quantifying our processes we are able to assess our training methods and back-up our process with evidence. We are also able to determine guidelines and identify who may qualify for membership and entry into the GAC, and justify those who won’t.