At theMill we train with like-minded and committed individuals who are looking to serve something other than themselves. Individuals who see fitness as a vehicle to enable themselves greater capacity for more responsibility, greater accountability and therefore more meaningful contribution to their family, friends and community.

These individuals include professionals, athletes and everyday people who understand what they seek and why they suffer for it. We are not open to the general public. You cannot buy your way in to our facility – membership is earned and regularly assessed. We are selective about who we train with. We owe it to our existing training partners to maintain a standard that protects their privacy and increases their level of ability. We aim to provide them with an atmosphere that promotes primacy of functional capability. To do this we assist our members to become more resilient because, with resilience comes increased preparedness and greater the ability to persevere.

We do not give false hope or cater to pride and ego. We owe it to ourselves and our members to set standards and be direct about enforcing them. Our methods are geared for the pragmatist who has a functional need for performance improvement.

To create this atmosphere we draw on our cumulative experiences as soldiers, fighters and realists. As modern soldiers, we once lived by the code of service to our country with the reality that fitness was a necessity for job success and ultimately survival.  Now as trainers we put it in perspective. We understand that true mental and physical fitness is a means to excel in your chosen field and to live life well.

We believe in a disciplined approach to training in a competitive environment which promotes sense of family, integrity, sense of humour, communication, respect and humility borne of shared hardships. We aim to simulate stressors that prepare our clients for the difficulties of their chosen craft. There are risks involved with our training, as there are with all endeavours, which require personal responsibility, strength of will and mental fortitude.

Our facility is based in North Fremantle, Western Australia

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