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Day 1 – Level 1-Alpha:

Four hours of training in essential self-protection skills with Paul Cale, creator of the Australian Army Combatives Program (ACP).

In this module you will cover the key aspects of surviving a violent confrontation: mindset, tactics, legal and moral considerations, and functional, high-percentage techniques. You will also discover how KEF–IC’s battlefield origins inform everything that you learn.

Prerequisites: None – complete beginners welcome

Time: Saturday 18th May 1:30am – 5:30pm

Day 2 – Level 1-Bravo: 

Build on the previous day’s training with four hours of skill integration, ACP/KEF–IC reflex training and drills to help you develop your Level 1 skills into an effective arsenal.

In this module you will be introduced to principles of adaptation and shown how free play and sparring/rolling can enhance tactical capability. Learn grappling skills applicable to the battlefield, and competitive drills where the objectives support tactical aims and develop your combative skill sets.

Prerequisites: KEF–IC Level 1-Alpha

Time: Sunday 19th May 10:00am – 2:00pm

Do the first module or both (discounts apply).

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