Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war
— Shakespeare

Fee: $250

Duration: 12 HOURS

Dates: Go to the 'Events' webpage for the next camp.

HAVOC is suitable for all fitness levels and is an immersive experiential challenge. It is a mix of:

  • PHYSICAL CHALLENGES (run, carry, climb, bodyweight exercises etc)

  • TEAM CHALLENGES (communication, decision making, feedback)

  • MENTAL CHALLENGES (new skills, complex problems)

Conducted both inside and outside the gym at our surrounding locations.

As with all the challenges in our program, we focus on key specific learning outcomes facilitated by physically arduous activities.

Some of the key learnings of HAVOC include:

  • Understanding the ethos and principles that govern elite performers operating as elite teams

  • The mindset, mental conditioning and physical hardiness required to operate at an elite level

  • The skills to interpret your environment in order to make effective decisions and solve complex problems under duress

  • Ability to assimilate and prioritise information on unfamiliar tasks

  • How to provide constructive feedback and manage feedback

HAVOC Instructors include highly experienced ex/current serving members of the Australian Special Forces with over 50 years cumulative experience in Australian Special Forces (SASR), Australian Commandos, TAG, Navy Clearance Divers and IRR serving in Military operations worldwide.

Upon payment all information required for HAVOC will be sent to you.

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