What is the process for joining as a theMill gym-member?

Send us an email outlining who you are, what your goals are and why you want to train with us. We will then get back to you with some proposed times to come in for your first (of 6) assessment sessions ('Initiation') and other information you may need. During these Initiation sessions we will assess your movement, mobility, strength and fitness in order to establish a baseline from which we can improve your overall conditioning levels, and to work out the best path towards your goals.

How much are your fees?

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What are your opening hours?

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What are your class times?

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How fit do I have to be to be a gym-member?

You can join our Cardio-Club at anytime to get an insight into how we train and whether you would like to progress to membership or not. If you decide to progress, we recommend that you have at least 3-months of continuous training (2 to 3-sessions per week) before applying to join our gym membership. During the Initiation our Trainers will assess your level of strength, fitness and mobility, and define the best course-of-action for you to take in order to achieve your goals.

What is Initiation and do I need to do it?

Yes, all prospective members must complete Initiation. The Initiation is a comprehensive teaching and assessment process designed to familiarise you with theMill rules, conduct and methodologies. It is also designed to help you establish your level of strength, mobility and work capacities. This will ensure that we can design or recommend the right path for you to achieve your goals. You do not need to complete Initiation to become a BJJ member or to attend the Cardio-Club.

Do I need to be a gym-member to attend your workshops, camps and events?

No, unless otherwise specified, non-members are invited to attend theMill events, workshops and camps.

How do I earn a 'theMill' t-shirt?

theMill t-shirts bearing theMill logo and millstone are awarded to members of theMill who have demonstrated their committment to achieving their character and fitness goals. They may have completed all theMill challenges (i.e. Manic, Havoc, Chaos and Cadre) and may have even completed trainer certification.

How old does my child have to be for kids BJJ?

Our BJJ syllabus accomodates children from 5 to 15 years old. Children develop at different rates so some 6-year-olds may not yet be ready to attend class. If you are unsure, you can bring your child in and watch them train so that after their first training session we can discuss the potential for training. The first session is always free.

How do I become a trainer at theMill?

Generally our Trainers have previously been long-term members of the gym. They have participated in a number of our training events, workshops and camps and therefore have a good understanding of the culture and training methodologies, principles and processes which we employ here. In order to be considered to become a trainer Candidates wanting to become theMill Trainers must now complete the Trainer Development Program which includes the Trainer Certification Seminars (Levels 1 to 3), which we hold annually. They must also complete the prerequisite training experience and ongoing development program and attend (and successfully complete) at least 2 of the 4 Challenge Camps. For more information go to: TRAINER CERTIFICATION page.

What is the Cardio Club?

Cardio Club is a cardio training class open to members and their guests. You do not need any prior training experience to attend these classes as there is very little skill required to participate in this training. Most of the training activities are conducted includes training on our cardio training machines (air-bike, rower and ski-erg) or running and simple body-weight movements like push-ups, squats and lunges. For more information go to the MEMBERSHIPS page.

Do I have to be very fit to be able to complete one of the Mill Challenges? (I.e. Manic, Havoc, Chaos or Cadre)

No. Anyone with a minimum of 3-months training will be fit enough to complete the chellenge. The program is designed to develop and test your mindset and mental fortitude and to give you an insight into Special Forces Selection. The activities on the program are specifically designed with that outcome in-mind.

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