Membership is achieved by completing theMill Initiation.

We have training options for both members and non-members. 

  • Open gym. Free training times during business hours for members-only

  • Gym classes. General Athletic Conditioning (GAC) for members-only

  • Personal and group training for both members and non-members

  • Cardio-club. For Members, their guests and non-members

  • Ruck Club. For Members, their guests and non-members

  • Workshops for both members and non-members


All prospective members must complete the Mill's induction process. This consists of 6 x 1-hour training sessions with one of our trainers. In these sessions you learn the key exercise techniques and the gym training methodology, standards, rules and ethos.

We use Initiation to determine a baseline of your General Physical Preparedness to identify which one of our programs would best suit you and your goals. Whether it be joining our General Athletic Conditioning (GAC) classes or starting with our Cardio Club, Starting Strength or Ruck Club we have options to suit all fitness levels.

To start your Initiation or to apply for membership, please complete our registration form here.

Once this form has been completed we will contact you to arrange a time to commence Initiation.

General Athletic Conditioning (GAC) CLASSES*

Members have access to GAC classes. For GAC class times go to the 'OPEN HOURS' tab. The GAC is our flagship program for developing general physical preparedness. The program consists of 11 x sessions per week and is designed for athletes with a minimum training age of 6-months. GAC includes Cardio-Club and Ruck Club programs. The GAC may be purchased and downloaded from our 'Programs' page.


Members have unreserved access to the gym during business hours. For our business hours, or for To attend a session, or for member's to book-in, please go to the 'Schedule' tab.

Open to members only. To apply for membership, please register above.


Cardio-Club is open to the public and members and their guests. For Cardio-Club session times go to our 'Schedule' tab.

First session is free. Fees ($20) per session for non-members. 

Please register your attendance using the REGISTRATION tab above. To learn more about Cardio Club, click 'Learn More' below. To see timings for the next class, go to 'Schedule'.

theMill is a  affiliate. Ask about discounts on GoRuck products.

theMill is a affiliate. Ask about discounts on GoRuck products.


Ruck Club is open to members and non-members. For Ruck Club times go to our SCHEDULE tab. Rucking is a critical skill for Special Forces and combines strength, cardio and mental toughness. It involves carrying a weighted backpack ('ruck') and is adaptable to anyone’s goals based on the amount of weight carried. Rucking is a popular, empowering activity for those who hate to run or find it boring.



Group and personal training options are available to members and non-members. If you have a specific goal in-mind or are just looking to improve your overall fitness, speak to our team for the options we provide. For bookings go to 'Contact Us'.


Workshops are open to members and non-members. We regularly conduct workshops for mental resilience, land navigation, mental conditioning, rowing, running, body-weight callisthenics, barbell lifts, and self-defence. For our workshop schedule 'click' below.

* Members-only


For information about our fees, go-to: