... because you hold yourself to a higher standard

The quality and level of mental resilience is a result of 2-key factors:

  • Mindset; and

  • Mental conditioning.

Mindset is an established set of attitudes held by an individual regarding various aspects of their lives. Your mindset can vary depending on the situation and circumstance but in most cases an individual can adopt a mindset, which governs their view and attitude towards all aspects of their lives in general.

Mental conditioning is the process, conducted over a period of time, which can influence mindset and thereby, inhibit or promote development and growth. An individual initially experiences mental conditioning from birth. This is as a result of the influence of their environment (including family and other extrinsic influencers) and their subsequent intrinsic reactions to their environment and experiences. The process is ongoing and in most cases is a subliminal process of conditioning.

Our mental condition can be a result of very subtle or minute (almost unnoticeable) and subconscious individual personal interpretations of events, which occur in our lives. The way we view these events, especially if we are regularly exposed to the events or similar events, shapes our view on the world. Over time the effect has a long-term psychological effect on the individual and determines our personal philosophy, mindset, characteristics, traits and values.

This process of constant, consistent and subliminal conditioning can have a positive and adverse effect on the way we view our world. They can influence our perspective and ‘colour’ or ‘taint’ our worldview so much that we can view a particular event, object or person etc. in a differently or even in a opposite way to the person next to us. We call this tainting, ‘bias’.

This bias takes many forms and shapes the decisions we make and our opinion of the issues, people and events and how we view the world in general.

Bias can be a severely inhibiting factor in personal growth and therefore achieving a level of high-functioning resilience. Being able to recognise, articulate and manage the many forms of our own bias is a key tool to developing high-functioning resilience.

Understanding the importance of having the right mindset and mental conditioning relevant to your goals and aspirations is an important step towards achieving them. The correct mindset is a character trait, which gives us insight into the reasons why high-achievers perform well, and other equally skilled exponents do not perform to their potential.

Without this key trait, we cannot achieve our potential. Therefore mental conditioning, the process of developing mindset, forms an integral part of The Mill Resilience Development Program. To neglect it is to seriously limit the potential your own growth and development.



At The Mill we have a program designed to help take you to your 'next-level'. This is the Resilience Development Program (‘RDP’). This is a program to assist you with preparing for understanding the minimum mindset and mental preparation required for managing personal performance, fatigue and adversity and, if required, undertaking Special Forces Selection.



Former Special Forces operatives who: each have had over 10+ years of Special Forces experience; who have world-wide operational experience; and have served as instructors on Special Forces Selection courses, have designed our mental conditioning and preparation programs. This program is a result of their cumulative experience.



As part of the RDP you will be assigned a mentor. Your mentor, who will guide you through this program, is one of the original members of this development team. His role is to ensure that you stay on track with completing the program actions and tasks, and to provide support and clarity when required.

This program includes 10 x 1-on-1 (30-min) sessions with your mentor. This may be conducted in-person or via phone conferencing. 



  1. To give you the knowledge, skills and methods required to achieve your goals (without any help)

  2. Reset your ‘frame-of-reference’

  3. Understand your goals, strengths and weaknesses

  4. Align your values, principles and ethos to your goals

  5. Refine and establish your priorities

  6. Define and forge your mindset

  7. Develop your ‘Actions-on’. E.g. Develop drills to negate negative influencers and influences

  8. Design and implement a routine of excellence

  9. Define and instil key-beneficial habits



The Mill RDP is founded on tried, tested and proven methodologies practiced by Tier-1 Special Forces Operatives. Your level of mental resilience is the direct result of the sum total of challenging experiences, which you have subject yourself to, and your ability to overcome the difficulties they present. It is a process developing and instilling habits, which reinforce appropriate behaviour and thought processes for managing stress, fear and anxiety and for solving complex-problems.

The RDP is built on the 4 Resilience Pillars. These Resilience Pillars are:

  1. Rest, relaxation & recovery

  2. Diet & nutrition

  3. General Physical Preparedness

  4. Mindset & mental conditioning

None of these pillars are more important than the other. They must all be addressed with equal priority in a balanced and consistent way. The process for improving and then mastering your skills and knowledge on these pillars will never-end. It is a process of continuous improvement and over time, you will find that constant attention and improvement of the process will help you to relax, build your confidence, forge your mental resilience and improve your performance.

Each pillar supports and impacts on the other pillars so the success of this program is very much reliant on your attention to each of these pillars individually. Often times, for high achieving individuals it is not a matter of implementing the process but knowing which routines and habits to adopt and knowing what 'good' is (i.e. knowing what is the required mindset or outcome for elite performance. What is the mindset and what are the mental conditioning tools used by the most resilient and effective operators). 

The RDP includes a personal bespoke GPP program which will compliment the RDP manual and workbook.

Our RDP is designed to alleviate the issue of not knowing what 'good' is or how to get there. It helps you to identify what factors are contributing to this process and what are inhibiting you from reaching your potential. This makes the process of achieving your next level more efficient and effective.


  1. 1 x introductory 1-on-1 session to determine status, objectives and goals

  2. A 6-month theMill gym membership

  3. A tailored 12-week Tailored Physical Preparedness Program

  4. theMill RDP Workbook

  5. 10 x 30-minute 1-on-1 mentoring sessions

  6. 25% discount on workshops and camps



The RDP requires you to complete a number of activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This primarily includes the design and implementation of a routine which includes physical training and mental conditioning. For example: As a minimum, on a daily basis you will be required to take 5 minutes to develop habits including to complete a journal which provides real-time feedback to your mentor to keep you accountable to the process.

The program may also include the requirements to attend one of Resilience Development camps. This will be established on a case-by-case basis.

All other tasks are laid out in your RDP Workbook


The RDP includes a 25% discount to:

  1. Initiation and personal training; and

  2. All of our resilience development events including:

  • Resilience Development Workshop

  • Havoc Camp

  • Chaos Camp

  • Cadre Camp

  • Offroad Survival

  • Modern Urban Survival

These events were designed to progressively immerse attendees in carefully designed experiences which are proven to develop mental resilience and mindset, and instil effective skills for mental conditioning. Depending on your desired outcomes these camps and the camp activities may serve as pivotal in your development.


$2,500 for 12-week package.


  1. 1 x introductory 1-on-1 session to determine status, objectives and goals

  2. A 6-month theMill gym membership

  3. A tailored 12-week Tailored Physical Preparedness Program

  4. theMill RDP Workbook

  5. 10 x 30-minute 1-on-1 mentoring sessions

  6. 25% discount on workshops and camps

If the RDP is something you think can benefit you, or if you'd like more information, please contact our team.

The mind is primary
— Bruce Lee