Prepare for the worst - plan for the best
— theMill

AKA: Basic Hostile Environment Awareness Training ('HEAT')

$950 per person

Duration: 2-days

Course dates: On request

Challenge yourself and your team to learn and apply new skills in an urban setting. This training is normally provided to professionals who will be working in hostile environments, war-zones and undertaking high-risk covert missions.

This course is perfect for developing team-work and espirit-de-corps.

All our courses cover aspects of life-skills and personal and team leadership. Build character and learn the baseline skills of adaptability, personal-leadership, positivity, problem-solving, mental-toughness, creativity, communication, planning and team-work.

Our Modern Urban Survival course covers:

  • Travel safety
  • Personal safety & security
  • Information security
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Threat assessment & awareness
  • Actions-On in an emergency incident
  • Incident management
  • Basic self-protection & self-defence
  • Basic first aid
  • Tactical escape & evasion
  • Deception plans
  • Basic self-defence
  • Day/night urban navigation
  • Emergency and covert signals