This training is open to anyone (+18 YEARS) including individuals with no prior experience in shooting AS WELL AS licensed shooters who have their own rifle and equipment.

This training is suitable:

  • If you have never shot before but want to train in the safe and responsible use of firearms and have a greater understanding of firearms theory and marksmanship.

  • If you are an accomplished shooter but have never undertaken formal training in marksmanship or precision shooting fundamentals.


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Long Range Precision Rifle Shooting is becoming more popular due to the number of well trained veterans leaving the services yet continuing on with their skills in a competitive setting. To shoot accurately over long ranges, a marksman is required to employ their understanding of the effect the environment and atmospherics has on their ammunition, and to undertake a number of calculations to ensure they hit their targets on the first shot.

The process of instilling the appropriate mindset, assessing the environment, developing expertise in the tools, working as a tight-knit team and employing these exacting skills to achieve an outcome where there is little margin for error, are transferrable skills in any environment, trade, craft or profession. This is why we conduct this training at theMill.

During this fundamentals training package we provide students with a basic understanding of the fundamental theory of long range marksmanship including but not limited to:

  • Weapons safety;

  • Projectile theory;

  • Use of precision shooting tools;

  • The roles and responsibilities of a precision shooting team;

  • Range finding and judging distance; and

  • Determining atmospherics and their influence on their projectiles.

The training is conducted over 2-days and includes:

  • Theoretical and practical weapons training;

  • Target shooting at ranges up to 2000m.


All staff are accomplished, licensed and qualified ex-military combat veterans with extensive international experience in weapons training, safety and elite-level marksmanship.


0800 Saturday to 1300 Sunday (arrive Friday night for early start AM Saturday)

Dates: To be announced


Toodyay, WA


Students will need to bring:

  • National Police Clearance

  • Own food and beverages

  • Swag or tent and bedding

  • Licensed firearms and ammunition (optional)*

  • Enclosed footwear for outdoor activity

  • See additional kit list here

theMill will supply:

  • Long range precision rifles*;

  • Ammunition required for the training*;

  • Other precision shooting tools;

  • Targets and range equipment;

  • Drinking water.

* if required.


Price on application. Please email us at for more information.

*If you are bringing your own firearms and ammunition:

  1. You must be licensed and registered for that weapon;

  2. It must be a bolt action rifle; and

  3. The calibre must be less than .338 cal.