Emergency Services Preparation


Emergency Services Preparation


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  • how to use the program;
  • program specific skills;
  • use of program specific equipment;
  • required training equipment;
  • acronyms and abbreviations; and
  • breath control.
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This is a 12 week program designed to assist candidates looking to work for the emergency services and who are looking to attend fire and emergency services testing. It includes weighted carries, beep-test preparation, strength work and energy systems development work.

The program is designed for athletes who have completed both or either, the Ground-Zero Program and the Ready-Ready Program or who have at least 12-months of training history, training up to 4 sessions per week.

The format is set out so that you can do 2 sessions in 1-day, everyday, or spread them out to make sure you can recover prior to the next session. You will need to perform 1 rep-max testing on most of your lifts because the prescribed weights are a % of your 1RM. 

The program pack includes: i) Suggested warm-ups; ii) the program; iii) a training journal; iv) a list of No-gear Workouts; v) the list of required equipment; and vi) a list of acronyms and abbreviations used in the program.