GAC-February, 2018


GAC-February, 2018


Go to our Training Notes blog (in 'ABOUT') for details on:

  • how to use the program;
  • program specific skills;
  • use of program specific equipment;
  • required training equipment;
  • acronyms and abbreviations; and
  • breath control.
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The GAC Program is a 6-day per week program designed to improve all components of fitness in a 4 to 6 week cycles. The General Athletic Conditioning ('GAC') program is designed for athletes who have completed the Ground-Zero and Ready-Ready programs or who have a minimum training history of 12-months with 3 to 6 training days per week. 

The program is built around the basic strength techniques including the back-squat, bench-press, clean and dead-lift (and variations thereof), and employs a phased approach to developing anaerobic and aerobic energy systems over the course of 3-month meso-cycles.