Foundation - Level 1

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BW calisthenics workshop.jpg

Foundation - Level 1


Go to our Training Notes page (in 'ABOUT') for additional information about:

  • how to use the program;

  • program specific skills;

  • use of program specific equipment;

  • required training equipment;

  • acronyms and abbreviations; and

  • breath control.

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The Foundation program is the place to start if you want to form a solid foundation on which to build strength and conditioning in any field. The workouts are designed to get you started on your fitness journey and to enable you to train consistently at sub-maximal efforts to ensure you have the energy to dedicate to your profession, art or trade. These sub-maximal efforts enable you to train sustainably while minimising incidence of injury and maximising benefits through consistent uninterrupted training.

The Foundation program is 12-weeks long.

The format is set out so that you can train 1 workout everyday or spread them out to make sure you can recover prior to the next session. As you work through the list of workouts you can check/tick them off as completed. You will need to perform 1 rep-max testing on most of your lifts because some of the prescribed weights are a % of your 1RM. We recommend you consult your nearest physical training professional on learning the correct movements and techniques.

The program pack includes: i) program instructions ii) suggested warm-ups; iii) the program; iv) a training journal; v) a list of No-gear Workouts; vi) the list of required equipment; and vii) a list of acronyms and abbreviations used in the program. Most of this information can also be found in the Training Notes page on our website. Go to the 'About' tab at the top of any of our website pages.