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  • how to use the program;
  • program specific skills;
  • use of program specific equipment;
  • required training equipment;
  • acronyms and abbreviations; and
  • breath control.
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Ready-Ready program is designed for athletes who have a history of 2 to 3 sessions per week for up to 6-months. We see it as ideal for someone who is not quite a beginner but is looking to work towards more complex training programs. It includes basic lifts and techniques using equipment which can be found in most gyms. It's focused around building strength and developing your energy systems. If you have a recreational sport training background you may have the tank to push harder for the energy systems development workouts.

The format is set out so that you can do 2 sessions in 1-day, everyday, or spread them out to make sure you can recover prior to the next session. You will need to perform 1 rep-max testing on most of your lifts because the prescribed weights are a % of your 1RM. 

The program pack includes: i) Suggested warm-ups; ii) the program; iii) a training journal; iv) a list of No-gear Workouts; v) the list of required equipment; and vi) a list of acronyms and abbreviations used in the program.