The intent is to provide specific Special Forces styled training that encompasses: the ethos, values and principles of self-leadership, team building and meaningful contribution; an understanding of the correct mindset; and tools on how to progressively develop resilience.



The attendees are to be able to understand the importance of resilience, responsibility, accountability and contribution in order to maximise their effect as contributing members of the community. And to understand ways to develop, reinforce and maintain resilience and inspire it in others.



The Mill is owned and operated by veterans. Since 2008, we have been providing resilience development training for 100's of clients, members, sports teams and business organisations. This includes the Fremantle Dockers (AFL), Mitchell Johnson (Australian Cricket player), Claremont Tigers WAFL team, Perth Demons WAFL team, and many aspiring Special Forces candidates. 

The training we propose to provide is also based on extensive experience all over the world in the most hostile environments possible. The lessons we propose to impart on program attendees are based on this experience, then contextualised to provide value to the program attendees. 

The Mill proposes options for 2-parts of training:

1. 3-hour Resilience [Development] Workshop

  • Provide overview of Australian Army soldier mindset, culture, skills and fitness. 
  • Provide an understanding of resilience and identify processes to continue to self-develop.
  • It is proposed that Phase 1 of this camp be conducted on-site at Client location.

2. 8-hour Resilience Training Camp

  • The camp is to be conducted using immersive experiential training methodologies.
  • The camp is proposed to achieve the Training Objectives outlined below.




Resilience DEVELOPMENT Workshop

To familiarise the attendees with: 

  • A culture of leadership including conduct, work ethic and discipline.
  • The principles of leadership, 'followership' and ‘team-mateship’.
  • Introduction to the concepts of responsibility, accountability and contribution.
  • Understanding ‘good’, following our moral compass and managing expectation.
  • Understanding the self-leadership, mindset and conduct within team environments.
  • Introduction to mental conditioning.
  • Introduction to military fitness.
  • Introduction to basic health, flexibility, mobility and recovery training.


Resilience DEVELOPMENT Training Camp

1.     To build team esprit-de-corps amongst the attendees; and 

2.     To familiarise the attendees with resilience development by: 

  • Introduction to self-defence training as a self-awareness and resilience development tool.
  • Implementation of Resilience Workshop Training Objectives. 
  • Basic self-defence training.
  • Basic military fitness training.
  • Basic overall health, flexibility, mobility and recovery training.

We propose to teach the training objectives, using lessons in self-defence methodologies, principles and techniques, which rely on discipline, self-confidence, self-awareness, situational awareness, mindset, mental toughness, self-leadership, teamwork, physical hardiness and the consistent practice and application of these concepts. This training provides an insight into the warrior spirit and the approach required to overcome extreme obstacles, solve complex problems and operate in unforgiving environments. We have found this format to be the most engaging vehicle for achieving the training objectives in the allotted time. All conducted by former Australian Special Forces soldiers.



  • All proposed staff subscribe to and are managed by The Mill Gym - Risk Management plan and procedure. 
  • The Mill holds relevant PI and PL insurances for the training.
  • All participants will be required to sign an In-confidence waiver for the event.
  • A qualified first-aid/medic with first-aid medical kit and equipment will be present at all activities.
  • All activities are scaled to the capabilities of the attendees.
  • Appropriate warm-up and cool-down will be conducted prior to all activities.





Topics discussed:

  1. What is Resilience?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. How do I build it?
  4. How to I refine and apply it in life?

Each session is approximately 40 minutes long [with one 15 minute break]. This workshop package includes lessons, practical exercises and where appropriate, contextual references to previous experiences on Special Forces operations.



Proposed program:

0800 – 0840: Introduction and warm-up. Principles of self-discipline, situational awareness & sense-of-urgency

0900 – 0940: Intro to military fitness. Group PT session. Understanding why teams train together.

1000 – 1040: Resilience and leadership. Morale compass. Mindset. Initiative, discipline & developing momentum.

1100 – 1140: Self-defence principles. Mindset. Fear management. Assessing risk. Body position. Leverage.

1140 – 1220: Lunch

1220 – 1300: Practical training. Basic defence – standing

1320 – 1400: Practical training. Basic defence – from the ground

1420 – 1500: Practical training. Managing common scenarios

1520 – 1600: Test of objectives. Scenarios



All Training Staff, known as ‘Directing Staff’ (‘DS’] are a mixture of experienced current and former serving members of the Australian Army and Australian Army Special Forces. The relevant staff hold the minimum required supervisory, first-aid, health and safety, instructors qualifications, certifications and insurances.


Staff Experience

The total cumulative military experience of the proposed training team exceeds 30-years in the Australian Army or Navy, the Navy Clearance Diver Teams, the 1st and 2nd Commando Regiments, and/or the Special Air Service Regiment. 



This proposal has been made on the assumption that the training will be conducted at 2 key locations. 

These locations are:

  • Workshop: Client location; and
  • Camp: The Mill Gym. 1 Coventry Pde, North Fremantle. WA 6159.



For up to 20-students per event.

  • 1 x 3-hour Resilience Development Workshop: $1,950 + GST
  • 8-hour Resilience Development Camp: $3,950 + GST

For 21 or more students per event.

  • Resilience Development Workshop: $1,00 + GST per person
  • Resilience Development Camp: $200 + GST per person