PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TO Become a certified theMill Trainer

This is the distillation of over 25-years of training at an elite level, and training others to operate at an elite level.

From: $950

Our program has been developed since-2008 using previous experience in Australian Special Forces and recent experience in training 100's of clients from all over the world. It is a course designed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and experience in:

  • Special Forces culture, methodologies and philosophies and how they are implemented in gym-based training
  • The development of Special Forces mindset, mental-conditioning and physical capabilities in the everyday athlete
  • The development of toughness, hardiness and resilience in the everyday athlete
  • Developing efficacy, epirit-de-corps and a team environment within your workplace and clientele
  • Enhancing personal efficacy and performance, honing these skills and applying these skills to your clientele
  • The day-to-day conduct of theMill performance improvement programs.


  • theMill Trainer Certification process is a compulsory requirement for all prospective theMill Trainers and is conducted to the exacting standards required as a Trainer at theMill.
  • This is a theoretical and practical training course. At times throughout the program students will be required to perform techniques and train together to benefit the learning group and enhance information assimilation.


To train students and industry professionals in the proven philosophies, methodologies and techniques used at theMill Gym. 


This program is designed to enable trainers to:

  1. Learn, understand and embody theMill performance improvement methodologies, philosophies and techniques;
  2. Develop professional skills in providing training according to theMill Trainer Standards;
  3. Develop a baseline then categorise and articulate client health and fitness levels; 
  4. Program training activities designed to build teams and enhance mental and physical capacities;
  5. To prepare clients/athletes to undertake physically arduous and mentally complex activities with efficiency;
  6. Identify areas for improvement and develop programs to enhance overall client performance levels; and
  7. Design and implement proven performance improvement programs as developed by theMill.


The program is conducted over 3 x 2-day seminars designed to enable and progressively improve students knowledge and experience according to a 3-level process.


Below is a typical program outline of the 3-levels of trainer certification.

  • Introduction
  • Technique development workshop
  • Philosophy and culture as it relates to performance improvement
  • Program methodology and design
  • Practical elements

Program training hours: Saturday and Sunday at 7am to 4pm


Upon completion of the training you will receive a Certificate of Completion, a workbook and manual, and access to practical experience at theMill.


To enrol for training please complete a registration form using the 'REGISTER' links below, then pay for your certification level using the 'PAY NOW' tab below.


Or pay separately. Use the link below.

Trainer Certification: Level 1

COST: $950

Pre-requisites: NIL

DATES: On request

Trainer Certification: Level 2

COST: $1,050

Pre-requisites: Level 1 + 120-hours certified trainer experience

DATES: On request

Trainer Certification: Level 3

COST: $1,150

Pre-requisites: Level 2 + 120-hours certified trainer experience

DATES: On request


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