Cardio-club is open to everyone, whether you are a member or not. This class is designed to provide you with up to 45-minutes of solid cardio training so that you a prepared for what the day has in store for you.

Whether it be running, Concept 2 rowing, Ski-erg or Airbike this class is designed for all fitness levels.

For class timings go to our SCHEDULE tab above.

For more in-depth information on our methodology for Cardio Club go to the TRAINING NOTES tab, or click 'here'.

All you have to do is contact our team, complete our registration form using the tab below and book in for a session. You will be given a login which you will need to ensure that you secure your spot in the class. Alternatively, if you know one of our members, come -in with them as a guest.

For information on fees, go-to the 'FEES' page.