Below is a list of the minimum standard equipment for our suite of resilience development camps.

Prohibited: GPS, flare-gun, flares, binoculars, telescopes, laser range-finders.

Mandatory. On the person:

  1. 1 x cap or bush hat

  2. 1 x long-sleeve lightweight trekking or hiking shirt or t-shirt 

  3. 1 x lightweight trekking or hiking long-pants (cargo shorts or similar are acceptable).

  4. 1 x wrist-watch

  5. 1 x broken-in pair of mid to high cut hiking boots or shoes. Must be already worn-in and ready to use.

  6. 1 x pair hiking socks (or similar)

Mandatory. In backpack:

  1. 1 x 35 litre (min.) backpack suitable for overnight trekking and hiking (includes in-built frame, rain cover, adjustable straps and water bladder pouch etc.).

  2. Capacity for min. 5 litres of water. E.g. 1 x 3 litre water bladder with drinking hose (Camelbak or similar) + 2 x 1 litre water bottles (Nalgene or similar)

  3. 1 x lightweight rain jacket (Goretex or similar recommended)

  4. 1 x lightweight thermal/warm top

  5. 1 x pair hiking socks (spare pair)

  6. Head-lamp (with new batteries and spare batteries). White-light and red-light preferred.

  7. Mobile phone (stored in waterproof bag)

  8. IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit). Minimum:

  • Blister treatment kit

  • Steri-strips

  • Electrolytes

  • Betadine drops 

  • Strapping tape

  • 2 x Crepe-bandage

  • Triangular bandage

  • Vaseline 

  • Sun cream 

  • Insect repellent

  • Personal medications

Make sure this has been tested, fitted, worn-in and ready to use prior to the camp.

E-bag (seperate bag):

  1. Change of clean clothes

  2. Sleeping bag and mat

  3. Toiletries 

  4. Thongs 

  5. Towel

  6. Snacks